Hana Krupa


The portfolio is divided according to the topics I am interested in , some are already finished, but on some I will continue and develop them. For each topic, you are invited to the gallery of images with more detailes. If you are interested in any painting, please do not hesitate to contact me, paintings are for sale.

          Landascape in me,                  me in the landscape

In the series "Landscape in me, me in the landscape" I deal with the relationship of myself to the landscape, I look for images that the landscape evoke inside me and through these images I look for my roots, my origin and my nature. Such an origin dating back to the times when we still lived in direct connection with nature, when the landscape was our body, when we were able to feel and honor it. In the paintings there are intentionally two point of views. One is a man in the landscape and landscape in a man. 

Vision Seekers

         Vision Seekers

In the "Vision Seekers" series, I responded to the current self-destructive setting of the world, already disturbed by the covid pandemic. That was when I painted a series of landscapes with figures who symbolically hold a better vision of the world. As a reaction to Russia's military attack on Ukraine, I created painting "War is not the way", which I managed to auction online and send gained money as a support to one particular family from Ukraine.

Flock and laces

         Flock and laces

The series called "Flock and laces" was inspired by the perfection of the phenomenon of flocks of starlings, but also other clusters of other forms, such as flying fish, flies, leaves, clouds and similar. In this series, I used an old projector to project lace, feathers, sunflower seeds and other visually impressive yet universal looking shapes. The projection helped me to play and look for the composition in the image with ease. An important visual element that I work with in this series is a certain flatness of the projected objects incorporated into the illusory space of the landscape. This confrontation creates a nice dynamic in the image and at the same time causes a clean visual simplification.

Selection of paintings 2015 - 2022


These paintings are solitaires created as an reactions to a certain impulses from my life. Either I was processing a relationship in this way or perhaps a visual impression that was imprinted in me. These images are created impulsively on the periphery of my work, but over the time they have already formed a compact series of images.

Plein air

Plein air

Plein air To tune in to the silence, the space without thoughts, to the pure joy of existence, the constant transformation of forms, sometimes fast, happens before the eyes, sometimes slow, which cannot even be measured by the length of a human life. Tune in and perceive...Look, smell, feel, paint. For me, painting in the open air is about tuning in to what I am painting, a small break in space-time, an absolute concentration. A celebration of pure beauty. Every place seemed to imprint itself into me. Outside, I usually paint in smaller formats with oil or watercolor.

"Places where the earth speaks"

The abyss 

The book "Hranická propast" from the series "Places where the earth speaks" was created as a collaboration with Monika Michaelová, who has been working for many years on restoring the original traditions and the original relationship of people and the environment in which we live. Monika wrote the story and I completed it with pictures. The story of Hranická Propast is the first of the stories born on pilgrimages to places where the earth speaks. It is the deepest abyss or cave in the world flooded by freshwater.