I am a painter. For me, painting is a natural way of communication between the inner and outer world. I perceive the conection of these worlds and I see more and more how they mutually influence each other. Through painting and creativity I look for and find beauty and harmony in the world around me, but also within myself.

I come from České Budějovice, but today I live with my partner Matěj Krupa and our four boys, two cats and a dog in a family house in Letovice, which is not far from Brno, but at a sufficient distance from the hustle and bustle of the big city. In Tylex in Letovice, in the historic building of a former textile factory, I have a studio where I can be alone and paint.

Time alone, whether spent in the studio or in nature, is a necessity for me and my life. I like to wander outside, I like to walk on deer trails, and I like to make my way through the wilderness. I find inspiration in nature and organize my thoughts and feelings, which are more clearly readable on the background of calmness and emptiness. When I lived in a big city, I found little "wild animals" in the bushes or in the overgrown gardens of gardening colonies. Nature reminds the wilderness and free spirit of me, which sometimes hides under various thought constructs.

My main subject, which I have been researching for a long time using different approaches, is the landscape. I perceive that just as a person has a direct influence on the landscape or environment and transforms it through his actions and other way around that the landscape influence how man who moves in it forms within. I paint real landscapes, in the form of plein-air studies, mostly with watercolor or oil on a smaller format or an imaginary landscape, which for me becomes the carrier of deeper message. In my work, I focus on beauty and harmony, because I believe that it is necessary to create a vision of the world in which we want to live.

Since 2013, I have been running the Malování kreslení Brno art studio in Brno, where I organize and, together with other lecturers, also lead art courses for children and adults. The studio is a place where something is always happening, we organize exhibitions, camps for children and summer outdoor painting for adults. 

In addition to painting, I also work on the theme of landscape in the form of site-specific installations and land art. In 2021, together with Lenka Kamínková and Jana Moštíková, we founded the art group Les3. Together we go into to the nature where, based on a momentary impulse, we create directly in a place that attracts us, or the setting becomes only inspiration and we further process the created theme. From spring 2023, the Les3 group shares a studio in Káznice, Brno. In October 2023, an exhibition titled "I'll be home in a moment" took place in the former Káznice in Brno as part of the Faktor K festival. @les3artgroup