About my work

When I think about, "where I get inspiration for my work", it's the same question for me as "where do I get inspiration for my Life" Painting is a natural way for me to communicate between the inner and outer worlds. It helps me explore and re-evaluate the values in my personal life.

Postmodern art, by breaking down old structures and crossing almost all possible boundaries, has created a clean space for planting seeds of new values on which our society can grow again. I feel that it is time to re-establish the values of beauty and harmony, without prejudice and judgment, which we have had to laboriously get rid of over time.

Through painting, I seek and find beauty and harmony in the world around me, whether it is a nice shape, color or mood. These little moments from my everyday life, I transform into the universal language of images. This way of working is from the Outside to the Inside . Another way I work is from the Inside - Out. For which I proceed from my own inner imagination, which uses the mythological language of symbols.

Because I believe it is necessary to create a vision of the world in which we want to live.

About me

I was born in České Budějovice, now I live with my partner, four children, my dog and three cats              in Letovice near Brno. I am a painter,                                I am engaged in oil painting.                                           In 2020, together with Lenka Kamínková and Jana Moštíková, we founded the art group Les3. We are focused on creating landaart and sitespecific installations.                                                                        In 2013 I founded the ART Studio "Malování kreslení Brno" where I organize and teach art courses for children and adults with other lecturers until now.